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The Sins of Thy Beloved - Lake of Sorrow (1998)

The Sins of Thy Beloved Lake of Sorrow (censored)
(Had to censor the cover because I think I said this blog was safe for work... LOL! Original Image (NSFW))
The Sins of Thy Beloved band

Genre: Doom Metal / Gothic Metal
Quality: MP3 @ 192 KBPS
About: As far as I know, this is the only album where a violinist named Pete Johansen is featured prominently. Why do I go straight to the violinist? Because holy mother of jesus, it is amazing. Pete does not play the violin, he makes sweet passionate love with it.

That aside, this is a simply perfect doom-gothic metal album. In every song, there is a trade off between the terrific male growls of Glenn Morten Nordbø, and the light and beautiful female vocals of Anita Auglend. He is so harsh, whereas she sounds so vulnerable.

An interesting component of this album is that while the violin is very prominent in the first three tracks, it almost completely drops off later in the album. The album as a whole seems to get a brighter feeling towards the end. For example, the three minute violin intro to track 3 "Worthy of You" nearly makes me break out in tears, but the violin chorus in track 4 "Lake of Sorrow" is (ironically) a happy little folk tune.

The feeling I get from this album is difficult to describe, but I will try. Even when you are drowning in a lake of sorrow, there is always hope.

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