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Lunar Aurora - Hoagascht (2012)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Quality: mp3 280KBPS VBR
About: Here is the long awaited new album from my favorite band, and kings of german black metal. Before I even start I want to say that this is not actually Lunar Aurora, but a Trist album with the singer of Lunar Aurora on guest vocals. See below line ups from their official website.

"Andacht" (recorded 2006)
Andacht (Cover)
Aran: Guitars, Voice
Sindar: Keyboards, Bass-guitar, Voice, Programming
Skoarth: Guitars

"Hoagascht" (recorded 2011)
Hoagascht (Cover)
  1. Im Gartn
  2. Nachteule
  3. Sterna
  4. Beagliachda
  5. Håbergoaß
  6. Wedaleichtn
  7. Geisterwoid
  8. Reng
Aran: Guitars, Voice, Keyboards, Bass-guitar, Programming
Whyrhd: Voice
Recorded: September 2011
Format: CD, Digipak CD, 12" LP
Label: Cold Dimensions

Though, What i describe as the "true" lineup of Lunar Aurora has not been seen since 2005.

"Mond" (2005)
Mond (Cover)
Aran: Guitars, Voice
Whyrhd: Guitars, Voice
Sindar: Keyboards, Bass-guitar, Voice
Profanatitas: Drums

If you are expecting an "Andacht 2" you will certainly not find it here. This album is self-described by the band as stylistically falling somewhere between Elixir of Sorrow (2001) and Zyklus (2002). A more experimental and atmospheric album, with some ambient sections, but not overriden by them.

"Sterna" is the first legitimate black metal ballad I've heard. "Beagliachda" has a recurring keyboard solo. The title track "Håbergoaß" (note that this album is sung in a different dialect of German) is the only song reminiscent of pre-2001 Lunar Aurora, with a driving beat. The first time I heard "Geisterwoid" I thought the album had ended and I had gone to an early demo - It's raw and brilliant. "Reng" is the best closer of any Lunar Aurora album.

Definitely this is a grower album. The first time I listened, I thought it was a joke. Now it's my 100th listen and I'm absolutely hooked. This is not a Lunar Aurora album, this is not a Trist album, this is a beast all of it's own.

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Please support the musicians that spent so much time, effort, and money to make this great music for you - Buy their albums and go to their concerts (if possible)!
Buy (Unfortunately a somewhat dated website... go there, click "English" at the top, then search by "Lunar Aurora". The vinyl cost 30USD including shipping which took about 2 weeks. So worth it.)

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