Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lantlôs - Agape (3 CD limited edition)

Lantlôs vinyl
Lantlôs vinyl
Lantlôs vinyl
Lantlôs vinyl

Genre: Post-black metal / Atmospheric / Shoegaze
Quality: MP3 @ VBR (v0 or better)
About: I don't think I've found an album that exemplifies what post-black metal is, better than this one. Every song starts off with complete noise, and yet it's muffled, as if someone is playing a black metal concert one mile away. Other than that, the songs are very dynamic and atmospheric. At times, it will be downtempo, just an simple melody with drums or a rhythm guitar in the background (or an entire track which sounds like an interlude on a jazz album). At other times, your face will be melted by a wall of guitar and noise. All of this, complimented by the fantastic screams of Niege, better known as Alcest.

An absolute MUST listen for fans of the genre or any related projects. This is the type of album that you must have it in great quality, have nice speakers or earbuds, and turn it up all the way to hear every little detail, because there are so many layers happening at any given point.

This version is the 3CD digipak edition, which includes the album, one cover, one bonus track, and demo versions of 4/5 album tracks and of the bonus track.

Disk 1 (Album)
1. Intrauterin 09:49   Show lyrics
2. Bliss 07:56   Show lyrics
3. Bloody Lips and Paper Skin 04:47   Show lyrics
4. You Feel Like Memories 04:31   instrumental
5. Eribo - I Collect the Stars 08:20   Show lyrics

Disc 2 (Bonus CD)
1. White Miasma (9:16)
2. Where have you gone my friend (Asylum Party cover) (5:06)

Disc 3 (instrumental demos)
1. Intrauterin (9:36)
2. Bliss (8:54)
3. You Feel Like Memories (4:36)
4. Eribo – I Collect The Stars (8:28)
5. White Miasma (9:09) 

Mediafire Download

Please support the musicians that spent so much time, effort, and money to make this great music for you - Buy their albums and go to their concerts (if possible)!

Buy CD/3CD/Vinyl - Fallen Empire Records
Buy Vinyl - Last Rights Records

I would like to note that the vinyl fans get completely screwed here. It's a nice enough package with the gatefold, but it's only on one vinyl, and only includes the album (CD1). There's physically plenty of space for the bonus tracks, but the label chose not to put them on. The other half of the gatefold could have had the instrumental album (CD3), but it has a poster of the cover art. But what makes the vinyl worth it is all of the other large artwork (pictured above), and of course the perfect analog audio.

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