Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Analog Rebellion - Ancient Electrons (2010)

Genre: indie, electronic, pop
About: Figured I would post this eventually because it's march now and still in close competition for my top album of the year. *(See first link on right panel) Here's the review:

I can't express this album by ex-"PlayRadioPlay!" in words, but I'll try. This really proves the fact that without a record label choking an artist, creativity runs free and we get a masterful and unique album as a result. Each song gives off a different emotion, and the songs are all interconnected seamlessly, making it feel like a unified whole rather than just some songs. The best analogy I can give to how this makes me feel, is the 15 waking hours in a day. It never stops, but it changes. Unexpected things happen, say with the rain interlude in track 7, but then you pick yourself up, re-evaluate things, and move on to track 8. I'm on my second listen now, and I'm sure there will be many more to come. This is one of those albums where you just cannot listen to one song, or you will end up listening to the whole album. The production is just stupendous as well, it sounds... shiny. :D Make sure to check this out, and you owe it to yourself to get it in at least v0 quality. (My link is better than v0 quality, btw)

(Or better yet, buy the CD! Direct from his myspace)

Mediafire Download


Keats' said...

Great post- We've been fans of playradioplay and I was a little worried about the sophomore slump or of being disappointed... not so! From what I've heard on Dan's myspace-- this album has all the great songwriting, but with more depth, majesty... lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

kid is a fag, and this isn't metal at all.

Eric said...

Well, first read my blog info at the top. Second, read this "Genre: indie, electronic, pop"

Did I type metal there? Honestly some people are just that ... well insert word of choice there.


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