Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wilds Forlorn - The Great Loss (2010)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Neoclassical
About: Angry and intense, yet with almost post-rock sounding guitars at times and a lot of melodic piano parts. One track is completely acoustic, in fact. It is so intense and epic that I could not believe when I saw it was just one guy. The drums are clearly from a machine but you'll forget about that quickly as it is the masterpieces of composition that draws you in. This album will slap you in the face then give you a bottle of milk. Then knock it out of your hand and make you cry.

Here we have a band that is so unknown that they have not been added to metal-archives yet (Actually, due to metal-archive's stupid rule that you need a physical CD, it cannot be added). Not a band, rather a solo project. He does not deserve this unknown status, in fact with this album he has proven he can play with the big names of black metal, such as Lunar Aurora, Shining, Dimmu Borgir, just to name a few off the top of my head. It's wrong of me to compare this to anyone, because here we have a very unique black metal album.

Mediafire Download

You can download this, along with an album from 2009, free from his myspace! Show your support by downloading direct from there, adding to friends, commenting on the wall, etc!

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