Sunday, February 28, 2010

DEEP - In Silence Somber Solace (2010) (Demo)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal/Instrumental/Groove Metal
About: You really don't know what to expect from a band you never heard of randomly linked in the CBox. After fixing some id3 tags (ugh - was missing artist, album, track numbers, and had the wrong year!), I commenced the listening.

Track 1 is an ambient piano intro that definitely grabbed my attention, so it serves its purpose.
The rest of the album kind of has a groove metal feeling (in my opinion), but the guitars are very raw like black metal which I like. The melodies are that of depressive black metal styles (but definitely not Funeral Black Metal, as the band self-proclaims). The fact that the genre of this music is hard to pinpoint is always a good thing in my book. Nice melodies and a nice beat/groove that keeps you interested. I have listened to plenty of Depressive Black Metal and this is a very unique beat. My only complaint is the drums sound overly fake. So overall, I have to highly recommend this.

Here is the text file that was included with the album:

"-DEEP is a Malaysian Depressive/Funeral Black Metal Band.
Active since 2006 under a different banner until the change
of moniker in October 2009. Playing Depressive, melancholic
and sorrowful Funeral Black Metal, all instruments and
orchestrations were played and arranged by Deep.

-For more information on DEEP please

-To purchase DEEP's debut album In Silence Somber Solace

-We need interested distributors/labels to distribute the debut album
please do not hesitate to contact Carnage Music for more

-Please promote this demo on your website or blog
if you like the songs on this demo.

-Any additional details please email DEEP at"

By the way, I have a suggestion to the band... "deep" is a very common name. There are at least 7 bands named that, one of which is disbanded but also metal (Death metal from texas, USA). I recommend a name change, and after changing the name, distribute a physical CD demo so you can submit yourself to, because a metal band basically does not exist if they are not on there. But then again I'm not part of the band so I can't control it, just suggestions.

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