Monday, March 30, 2009

Trist - Willenskraft (2009) (320 kbps) (Trist (Ger) - Willenskraft)

Genre: Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Ambient, Atmospheric Black Metal
About: Willenskraft means "Willpower". I thought Hin-Fort was a masterpiece but somehow he has 1-upped himself. The main difference is while Hin was just an ever-growing wall of sound, this album is all about dynamics. Track 1 is very minimalist while track 2 slams you in the face with this loud fast black metal. And so on. This album is pure genius, I will be listening to it obsessively.

Track 1 is 12 minutes long and fairly minimalist. It sounds as if you are laying on the edge of the water on an ocean beach letting the waves crash over you, as you hear them move from the right speaker to the left. Then gradually You hear these noises which I perceived as Whale/Dolphin calls.

Track 2 then introduces what sounds like either some kind of Troll or someone being tortured but 4 minutes in, fades into this epic black metal riff that I cannot even describe and a nice drum beat. As with Hin-Fort the album slowly changes to create this just great atmosphere.

Track 3 is then more waves crashing, but then instead of the whale-type noises you hear a gradually changing ominous sounding low ambiance.

Track 4 was also a highlight as It starts with this menacing low piano (which comes out of nowhere and is 3 times as loud as the ambiance, great surprise) but then once again a fast beat and epic black guitar riff. The screaming is actually quite fitting, the same screaming as in track 2 but it sounds great. I made out a few words but I'm pretty sure most of it is just screams with no lyrics. Very nice black screams.

Then in track 5 a gun fight breaks out, actually reminds me of the beginning of "One" from Metallica.

Then track 6 you'd think is going to be an ambient outro. But then it fades into another fast black metal part with screams. The difference here is there's kind of a keyboard ambient behind it which is actually a light flowing beautiful melody.

Pretty sure he drew this cover himself as I got it from his official website:


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