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Fuck The Facts - Complete Full Length Studio Albums Discography! (2001-2008)

Genre: A fantastic genre-bending band with lots of great and original ideas. Highly recommended. Basic genres are:
Early- Grindcore, Noise.
Mid- Experimental, electronic.
Later- Death Metal, Progressive Metal.
(but every album is different, see details below.)

About: Topon has stated numerous times that the name "Fuck the Facts" was chosen, in part, as a statement about his attitude towards the music he wrote. He tried not to feel hampered by genre labels, and that is reflected in the musical style. The earlier Fuck the Facts recordings up until approximately 2000 featured a combination of grindcore and noise.

Download Fuck The Facts - Discoing the Dead (2001) (grindcore, noise, death metal, electronic, experimental, disco, jazz)

Though those two genres were prominent during this era of recording, many other styles crept into the music as well including death metal, electronic and even as some as diverse as disco and jazz. When Discoing the Dead was released in early 2001, it retained many of these experimental styles, paving the way for the beginning of the first incarnation of Fuck the Facts as a full band.

Download Fuck The Facts - Escunta (2002 release date) (Noise, Experimental)

[This album is really all about mindfuck (similar to the movie- "The Machinist"). It's genius in my opinion. My favorite at first listen is "They Call It Dance Musick". Then there's "Fuck The Facts Is Sexy" which is what I would imagine getting run over with a train would sound like.
(Re-ripped on 07/27/2009 using EAC... more info and logs included)]
Vagina Dancer and Escunta, recorded in 2000 and 2001 respectively, are the core of these noise recordings. [However, Vagina Dancer is not listed on metal-archives as a full length album, plus it was only ever released on tape so I am not including it here.]

Download Fuck The Facts - Mullet Fever (2001) (punk, grindcore, experimental, rap, hip-hop, jazz, electronic, noise)

Mullet Fever was released in 2002 and featured a more punk-influenced grindcore sound. However, many of the songs included more experimental (for grindcore) styles including rap, hip-hop, jazz, noise and electronic. [Track 19 is actually closer to raw black metal] The album was largely recorded in one session of the band recording their own jam session and some minimal editing afterwards, and may explain why this album stands out on its own in terms of musical style and scope.

Download Fuck The Facts - Backstabber Etiquette (2003) (death metal, technical metal)

When Backstabber Etiquette was recorded in 2002, vocalist Mel Mongeon had replaced Christoff, and her distinctive growl was markedly different than Brent's deep sound. Mel's higher pitched scream became the norm for the band. The musical style became more heavily influenced by death metal and showed more technical aspirations.

Download Fuck The Facts - Legacy Of Hopelessness EP (2005) (electronic, grindcore)

Legacy of Hopelessness showcased a bit of a departure for the band in that it had a lot more electronic influences. Keyboards are featured on nearly every track, and are sometimes the primary focus. Of course, grindcore is still quite present as well as Mel's distinctive vocals. The change in musical style can probably be attributed to the fact that this was initially intended to be a solo release by Topon, but was migrated over to the band when it was realized that another full-length release was not quite feasible.

Download Fuck The Facts - Stigmata High-Five (2006) (Progressive Metal, Experimental, Metalcore, Grindcore, Death Metal)

Stigmata High-Five represents the latest musical style of the band. The grindcore and death metal elements are still present, but so are more progressive and experimental ideas mixed with metalcore elements. The album contains longer songs with more intricate riffs and atypical time signatures.

Download Fuck The Facts - Disgorge Mexico (2008) (Progressive Metal, Experimental, Metalcore, Grindcore, Death Metal, Jazz, Fusion)

Disgorge Mexico contains shorter songs than Stigmata High-Five but retains a similar overall musical style. In some cases, the experimental ideas are expanded further to the point where one track contains a section that is reminiscent of straight ahead jazz and contains a high register melodic bass solo typical of jazz or fusion. Rhythmic elements often featured in progressive rock are still present, and metric dissonance via polyrhythms are often present.

[Biography stolen from Wikipedia... <3 whoever wrote it.]

[In case you're wondering... Yes this upload and post did take well over an hour. But very worth it :D ]


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Awwww i wrote that Wikipedia stuff, I am feeling the love!!

hurricane_mario said...

Omg really? I must know your name, or at least your blog! Wait.. Bah, they posted as anon so they will never get an email saying i responded. :( ladeedah talking to my self ooh look a penny!

Dave said...

I have randomly came upon this page more than a year later, and now I see your reply!

I'm afraid I don't have a blog or anything. I just wrote up that Wikipedia page because it was deleted for not having enough cited info on it (and I had some free time). I also wrote up their discography page and the list of their songs, since I wanted somewhere to keep track of my FTF collection.

I also use Discogs to keep track of all of my stuff, if you are in to that sort of thing. I just got a copy of the Vagina Dancer tape. In fact, that's what brought me a-googlin' back here for some reason. hehe

I linked my Wikipedia userpage as the URL instead of using Anonymous.

Cheers! (if you ever read this)

Eric said...

Please rip the Vagina Dancer tape if you have the means to do so!


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