Sunday, March 22, 2009

Revolution Renaissance - Age Of Aquarius (2009) (Full Album)

Genre: power metal, melodic metal, symphonic metal, heavy metal, track 9: Folk Metal, Pagan Metal
About: The band line up alone should be enough to make you want this album:

Gus Monsanto - Vocals (Takara, Adagio (Fra), Overdose (Bra), Astra (Bra), Skyrion (Guest))
Timo Tolkki - Guitar (Stratovarius)
Justin Biggs - Bass (Descend (Swe), Dying Daylight)
Mike Khalilov - Keyboards (Empyreon, Forevers Edge)
Bruno Agra - Drums (Aquaria, Uirapuru)

But if not, just think of Stratovarius but with a more full, enveloping sound. This is a great debut album with this line-up. (Plus infinitely times better than that Saana crap. If you don't know what I'm referring to don't even look it up.) But the real gem of this album is the last track, "Into the Future", an uplifting melodic-folk-pagan masterpiece.

Sorry for the duplicate track, I may fix it later

Also...There seems to be multiple track listings, and since their official site does not have it, I'm using the most widespread one. Guessing is wrong.

1. Age of Aquarius
2. Sins of My Beloved
3. Ixion’s Wheel
4. Behind The Mask
5. Ghost of Fallen Grace
6. Heart of All
7. So She Wears Black
8. Kyrie Eleison
9. Into The Future


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