Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I walked outside and heard the birds chirping as spring is here and a concept sprung to mind. I thought of more later on and after the third paragraph was inspired by the song by Lurker Of Chalice - "Piercing as they Might" on his 2005 album. Hope someone gets a small enjoyment out of it.

"Even the birds lay silent
As the wisping of the withered wind
Comes to a halt.

The air is dead,
The ground is drying
Not a soul dare tread
Over its barren surface.

Listen as the billows cry
Smell the fear
As the rivers run slower…
They are coming.

But lo!
I hear a sound
Is it real or imagined?

A single crow with a broken wing
Cries out in the night
Agony. Unbearable.
Can stand the suffering no longer.

Not a passing glance as they roll through
Who are they?
Where are they going?
I dare not ask or say.

Suddenly a battle cry
From afar
A lone warrior
Begins charge

They do not take notice
Continue on their unknown path
And unknown destiny.

I begin to turn
There is no safe place here
Not for a bird, and not for me.

Then I hear- what’s that?
The wind? I turn around
A thousand arrows flying from their bows.
All heading towards a point with inhuman precision.

Should I stay? Should I go?
Too late to know,
As it seems to be the end for the crow.

When all hope is lost,
A warrior is always there by your side
To protect you

Or in this case, a lone crow
The hero leaps to intercept
And he is no more.

Explosion. Fog. Rain.

When it clears, All I saw before is gone.
Was it a dream?

I see a crow. The sun shines. Grass begins to grow.
The wind howls and the crow flies with it
Wing broken no longer

To this day I do not know
Who they were or who the crow
But it goes to show
Wherever you row
A hero will follow."

By: hurricane_mario. March 31, 2009

Edit (March 2, 2010) - I just dug this poem up, and posted it here! Please comment/rate if you like it! Or, kindly step away if you dont! :P

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