Friday, November 5, 2010

Dexter Freebish - Shine On (2010) (mp3 @ V0, 100% .log, .cue)

Genre: Alternative Rock / Electro-pop
Quality: mp3 @ V0 with .log and .cue
About: In the long awaited followup for a small group of dedicated fans (it has been 6 years since their last LP), Dexter Freebish moves in more of an electro-pop direction while still retaining their unique rock sound. I was upset they changed their style at first, but upon many listens it just sort of "clicked" and I found the songs running through my head. As you progress through the album they use the Pop-beat less (and not at all) which is good because it makes for variety. The best ones are "Everybody Knows Somebody", a more hard-rock sounding "Shine On", and the final track "Come Down" is completely acoustic.

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