Friday, November 5, 2010

The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth (2010)

Genre: Shoegaze, Chiptune
Quality: VBR mp3 @ 256ish (maybe v0?)
About: I have been getting really interested in shoegaze thanks to bands like Alcest, Les Discrets, the new Drudkh album.... So I put on shoegaze tag radio on Of everything I heard I liked this the best. I have been getting progressively more addicted to this album. Every song will have something you like. The best songs are "Dream about me" and "crucify you".

Side-note: Sorry for lack of updates. Really busy with school and stuff. This may be my last update until the semester is over, mid-december.

Second side-note: Switching back to mediafire, I haven't gotten a broken RAR from them in a long time so maybe they FINALLY fixed it!

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You're welcome! (Buy it on vinyl :D)


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