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A Metal Hurricane, Vol. 3

Genre: Various... see each song
Quality: Various, sorry can't be helped. 
Length: 72:25 minutes  
About: This is even more a conglomeration of genres than my first two. But it just shows how varied my taste is and I hope there's something in here for everyone. This is basically the soundtrack to my summer, with the blanks filled in with some stuff that was running through my head one night and some stuff I haven't heard in a couple years.

There's a few songs in here I know most people have so I tried to pick a less known version. There's also some completely unknown stuff that everyone needs to hear. So, yeah hope someone enjoys it! If not, I know at least I will.

Note: I created a .m3u and threw all the files in one folder with it this time to try it (it should be easier). Any media player should have an import playlist option. iTunes's is (stupidly placed, as usual) File, Library, Import Playlist.
(Edit: After experimenting I found if m3u's work is completely dependent on the player you use. With my original upload, VLC worked, Windows media player missed like half the songs, itunes misses Beer Mosh. Removing the accent in "Prision" made it work. Seriously? Well if you have problems I'm sorry and you'll have to add them to the playlist manually, but I do not want to retag all my music like I did with the first two all my previous compilations.)

Track Commentaries:
(These descriptions were written at 4am so apologies for poor grammar and such.)

Kalmah - One of Fail (Melodic Death Metal)
Well this band proves they can do no wrong, as it is their 6th album and they continue to get consistently more amazing. Take low growling aggressive vocals, combine it with guitars which are equally aggressive but make beautiful melodies during the choruses, then keyboards to complement with insane countermelodies, and the drums drive the song forward so you can’t not listen. One of those songs you quite literally cannot get tired of.

Munetaka Higuchi with Dream Castle - What Cost War (Heavy / Thrash(?) Metal)
Ever since Dio’s untimely passing I have been working towards getting every guest recording he ever did (since I already have all of the projects he was a permanent member in… I promise I will share it someday! It’s on my to do list, way down on it). Well here we have quite possibly his most impressive vocal performance of his life. Ridiculous screams and just downright aggressive vocals. Most people, even really hardcore fans probably don’t know about it so, here it is. I’m like having chills and shaking a little by the end of this song.

Sarah Brightman - Here with me (Chillout, Classical, Pop)
So after that we need a chill down song. Probably everyone breathing has heard this. Quite simply Dido is one of my favorite female vocalists and songwriters. But I am presenting the version off one of my favorite albums of all time, from one of the few vocalists I like better than Dido. The album is “La Luna” (2000). Even though it is primarily (or entirely) cover songs it has this magical yet melancholic atmosphere about it.

Wildfire - Summer Lightning (Traditional Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
I cannot get enough of unknown 80’s traditional heavy metal/hard rock. It’s like, 1000 of these bands formed in mid 80s, whipped out an album then broke up after making 2 dollars profit. But they are all so awesome and I keep finding them, on vinyl in perfect condition for 1 dollar at record stores. And I’m so glad I do. Perhaps these bands were before their time? This genre is so awesomedfjask;glf.

Led Zeppelin - Good Times, Bad Times (Classic Rock)
I’m not a hardcore Zeppelin fan and in fact my favorite song is “When The Levee Breaks” by them. But this song was running through my head and actually is what inspired to make this playlist. What more needs to be said about them that hasn’t been said in the past 40 years? It’s short, simple, and sweet. I looked for a live version but there honestly isn’t one. Do they not like this song? Well I sure do… sorry if you have it already.

Black Sabbath - War Pigs (Classic Rock / Heavy Metal)
And here’s another classic everyone knows. It was made one year after and in fact was the next song that came to mind for this playlist. But I don’t want to provide the Ozzy version everyone and their grandmother have in their library already. I thought about the Dio live version, but I honestly think the band goes way overkill… both Dio with his random shouting of words and the band for extending the song by like 5 minutes with random riffs. So here’s the 1983 live version during the short time former Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan was in this band. He does love the sound of his voice, lol. It’s somewhat cheesy but I find this particular version more enjoyable than the original.

Lee DeWyze & Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly (Acoustic, Pop, Rock)
Well my two favorite contestants from American Idol Season 9 (the first season I have ever watched by the way) were #1 and #2 and they had a duet together. How perfect can you get.  Honestly the live version was more passionate but I can’t find it. I just… speechless. It’s from the 2006 movie “Once” which I have been meaning to watch ever since I heard this song, just hasn’t happened yet. I was hoping I could get a girlfriend to watch it with as it seems like that kinda movie. But anyway, next song.

Jeff Scott Soto - Our Song (Melodic Hard Rock)
Honestly do not like a lot of his solo stuff as it’s too poppy and wanna be mainstream and lame. But this song is a straight up hard rock affair and man it rocks.

Heaven’s Guardian - Slaves of Reality (Heavy / Power Metal)
Quite literally the most unknown heavy metal band of all time for how awesome it is. The singer Carlos Zema is my #3 favorite singer ever as he can have a beautiful clean voice or the most insane screams you can ever hear, or a low growling voice which is more what is in this song.

W.E.T. - One Love (Melodic Rock)
The cover art does describe it as well as anything, it’s like standing out in the heavy rain but amidst the water you hear this beautiful music. Too cheesy of a description maybe. Well this is actually Jeff Scott Soto singing, but it’s hard to tell as he sings a lot higher range that in most of his other stuff. It sounds like he’s straining a little through the whole album but it makes it sound more passionate and genuine.

Eric Martin - Fly (Melodic Hard Rock)
Here’s IMO the greatest solo song from the Mr. Big singer. Better than much of what Mr. Big has done and that’s saying a lot.

Space Odyssey - Despair and Pain (Heavy / Power Metal)
Well I’m not sure how well known this is but every power/fantasy metal fan must hear this song. This particular composer has done so much amazing music but has gone MIA since about 2006 and me and much of the community is upset. Anyway, this is as great of a power metal song as you could hope for but makes it stand out is the vocals. Nils Patrik Johannson, also an unknown singer but he is my #4 favorite for sure. He has the most beautiful clean voice I have ever heard, but unfortunately he rarely uses it as he sings metal. Still he has the greatest growling voice that can effortlessly go to a ear piercing scream. Often he sounds like a dog barking though especially in recent years, but not in this album! Well that was an unexpected rant.

Pretty Maids - Old Enough to Know (Melodic Heavy Metal / Power Metal Ballad)
Melodic acoustic heavy metal power ballad. Jakslfjsfgdfsk;l I am a sucker for a good power ballad and this is the best one I’ve heard in many moons. This band is like 20 some years old and they still sound so fresh and relevant. Ironically this song is about how they’re old and all the stuff they’ve learned.

Beer Mosh - Muero (Thrash Metal)
Downloaded this band blindly for the name. So glad I did. I had never understood true thrash metal before this song and afterwards I can’t get enough of it. This is just plain a kicka** heavy as f*** song that every metalhead needs to hear.  They are unknown though so I bet no one reading this has this. Amazing bass solo and disturbing guitar solos towards the end.

Slumber - Rapture (Epic Doom/Death Metal)
As if it’s not obvious enough this band ripped off the Finnish band Rapture just by listening, they had the nerve to title a song Rapture. But I believe they take this style of music to a whole new level of atmosphere and immersion. It’s like, floating on a dark sea in a storm.

Like a Storm - Change Tomorrow (Acoustic Hard Rock Ballad)
I have this full album on my blog, but I just re-found it so I want to put it here. Completely acoustic ballad and these great Michael Kiske-esque vocals.  Kinda the same vocal style as Kiske but somewhat deeper voice. I dunno, time for bed. :)

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