Monday, August 2, 2010

Alex Band - We've all been there (2010) (v0 mp3, 100% log, .cue)

Genre: Alternative/Pop Rock
Quality: v0 mp3, 100% log, .cue
About: It's kind of a long story how I came to own a signed copy of this album. A while back I heard The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go" on the radio and I was like, oh crap I remember this, I love this song and this guy's voice makes me melt into butter. That doesn't make sense but who cares. So I got both of The Calling's albums but found out they broke up in 2005. But I found out the vocalist, Alex Band was doing a solo album so I followed him on twitter. I didn't give it much attention even until one day I saw "Get a signed copy of my album now..." on my twitter feed. So I listened to the album, loved it, and thought it was good enough to deserve my hard earned money. I got a signed copy off his official website, since the collector in me needed it.

Since I got it I have listened 100 more times. I thought it was worthwhile to go through the PITA process of setting up EAC for V0. While I'm not a music quality elitist, I appreciate that v0 is the best trade off between quality and compact file sizes. I don't honestly know what to do with a .cue (something about burning it back to CD, not that you'd do that anyway *AHEM AHEM*) but I provided it anyway in case someone might want it. And let me know if it does work as I'm curious.

Enough techno babble, on to the album. It's alternative rock at it's core but not like the majority of alternative rock on the radio where people are like "I'M GROWLING CAUSE IM SO HARDCOREEEE" and generic riffs. Here we have really melodic guitar and vocal lines, tons of unique ideas all over the place. At the same time it seems like one coherent thought process and all the songs fit together like a puzzle to make a great album. It's difficult to listen to just one song cause I always end up listening to the whole album.

Stand outs are "We've All Been There" "Euphoria" "Never Let You Go" "Start Over Again".

I also included "Cruel One (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk & Emmy Rossum)" which is not v0 because it is an iTunes-only bonus track (why??????). Enjoy, let me know what you think, and let Alex know by buying it!

4shared Download - removed by request 8/9/10. But you can preview at the iTunes link below!

Please support the musicians that spent so much time, effort, and money to make this great music for you - Buy their albums and go to their concerts (if possible)!
Buy signed album (CD) - 14.99
Buy iTunes - 7.99


DebbieH said...

Hello. While I can appreciate wanting to spread the music, independent artists rely on album sales to keep doing what they are doing. I am afraid people will not delete this once it's downloaded and will likely not buy the music. We are therefore asking if you would please remove the complete download and maybe just leave your review along with a link to hear clips of the songs at Thanks for understanding. Debbie

Eric said...

Spam for your website, great. Since you're not a record label or in any way related to the artist I will not do that. I will elaborate a little on my feelings though.

Most of my followers are metalhead elitists who would not touch this music anyway. So I am trying to spread the word so they may see there's more to life than metal. If I had not posted this, there's no way the 6 (let me reiterate, SIX) people that downloaded this would have heard of this band meaning 0 record sales. Now since I posted it, maybe 1 person will buy it. So it's 0 record sales if I don't post something on my blog, versus non-zero if I do.

DebbieH said...

Actually I am related to the artist in that I run his official fan site and he has asked me to help him and his management remove all illegal downloads of his album. Your note here says you will remove the content if asked...I've asked nicely. I don't understand your "spam for your website" comment either.

Eric said...

I don't agree but I wouldn't deny the artist's wishes. removed.

(I had thought you were one of those people or bots that just googles stuff related to their website and posts links to their website everywhere... which is spam. Sorry.)

I don't understand how a bracelet site is his fan site though, please explain?

DebbieH said...

Thank you for removing it. Since it comes up on a google search, we felt others would take advantage of the download.

My website is actually The bracelet site I referred to has clips of all the songs so people can hear a sampling of his music there. Sorry for the confusion :)

Eric said...

Well you got your work cut out for you. I was curious so I googled it... 2 working links on page 1 of google, as well as 20+ results on filestube which was on the first page. Hence I think this is a pointless war. There will always be more links.

But I'll help you out:

Also can't forget about sites such as this one
(mirrored on many other torrent sites I'm sure)

Good luck...

Sorry to be harsh but I'm just stating reality. Remove all those and you make perhaps a small dent.

elephant said...

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