Sunday, January 3, 2010

Opvs Leviathan - Dark Reborn of Frozen Souls (2003) (Split with Assur (Col))

Genre: Epic Melodic Black Metal
About: This is a really full and epic sounding band from what is essentially a demo, as well as their only release. You will find epic 8-12 minute songs with evolving themes throughout these songs, and raw yet epic vocals and guitars, driving drums... Yet a completely pitiful 32 listeners on!

This is their only release, a split with "Assur" who I have also never heard of before. Edit: Added Assur because it is pretty awesome as well.

Tagged as "Opus Leviathan" because it is by far the more popular tag on, but I am not sure which one is correct... Also, for tag police, track titles cut short for who knows why, I fixed it after uploading, sorry.

Track List:
Opvs Leviathan
1. Soulmoon Prevails Eternally 12:28
2. En La Pálida Esfera 04:00
3. Igne Ratvra Renovatvr Integra 09:54
4. Crossing the Paths in the Universal Night 08:04
5. In the Distant Shine His Light 05:44
6. Entrance in the Dawning Black Sun 10:05
Assur (Col)
7. Passage of a Kingdom Lost in Time 08:36
8. Pagan Night 09:15
9. Around the Flaming Black Candle 05:44
10. Through the Shine of the Waterfall 04:48
Total playing time 01:18:38

4shared Download (FIXED)


Heathcliff said...

Aparently the first song of the Split "Soulmoon Prevails Eternally" are corrupt, thanks anyways for the other songs...

hurricane_mario said...

It's friggin mediafire that did it... Sorry for the delayed response but I'll re-up on 4shared now.

Drakus said...



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