Thursday, January 7, 2010

Francis Monkman - The Long Good Friday (1981)

Genre: See below.
About: This is just such a great combination of 80's cheesy pop/rock and electronic, and 70's style disco beats and psychedelic rock, and of course orchestral film score, and even some jazz saxophone. Track 8 is completely acoustic guitar interludes used in the movie, and the climax is in the latter part of track 10 and 11, coming back to the theme. I can't really put in words how interesting this score is, it's probably my favorite film score I have ever heard. This interesting combination is probably due to the fact that Monkman was previously in a 70's rock band called Curved Air (I just found this out... if that band is as good as this soundtrack you may see it on this blog at a later date). And I always say that the more hard it is to categorize a piece of music, the better it is since that means they really have made something unique and new.

I usually cannot listen to a score without the movie alongside but this one is just so great. It made an already awesome movie just so much better. Plus Bob Hoskins is one of my favorite actors... He even sings on track 7!

And SEE THE MOVIE if you haven't!!

>Mediafire Download (temporarily on 4shared because Mediafire was down for maintenence and now is having issues D: )


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