Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wildpath - Non Omnis Moriar (2009) + Bonus Tracks (320kbps)

(If you have a deviant art account, here is the artist's page, so you can watch or favorite or whatever:

Genre: Female Fronted Melodic Symphonic Power Metal
About: After over two months, the world outside of Japan finally gets to hear this glorious album. If you have never heard of this band, please proceed to click the "Wildpath" tag at the bottom and download the other album as well.

If you have, you should have been anxiously awaiting this since it's July 15th release date. That's right, OVER TWO MONTHS AGO, and exclusively on CD in Japan (Yet the band is from France... go figure). It took that long for it to make it onto file sharing sites, leading me to believe the internet has not been invented in Japan yet. I was to the point where I almost paid 50 dollars to import, and even so the import site was out of stock!

Anyway, download this if you are a fan of any of the genres. They've taken their proven unique yet traditional power metal, added an even more beautiful singer, and added some progressive and symphonic elements. They also seem to be using the death-ish screams a bit more, but definitely is not excessive.

My favorite is "Secret's Case". I was fortunate enough to rip that off myspace to keep my sanity over these past two months waiting. "Non Omnis Moriar" and "Sanctuary Part 1" are quite good as well, and if it's at all like the first album, every track will eventually grow on me and i'll be addicted.

According to the website, this "is a concept album that tells the story of a young woman trapped in a strange house full of secrets".

1. Two Broken Candles (Introduction) 01:57
2. Unforgotten 04:45
3. Ballroom Doors (Interlude) 00:55
4. Shadows Dance 03:38
5. Grinnin' Sanity 05:05
6. Facing Fears (Interlude) 00:32
7. Ghost Memories 04:50
8. Desire part I - Lust 04:15
9. Desire part II - Forsaken 04:42
10. Light Heart 03:18
11. Secret's Case 05:41
12. Cemetear (Interlude) 01:15
13. Non Omnis Moriar 04:44
14. Hall Stairway (Interlude) 02:44
15. Sanctuary part I - The Cathedral 03:28
16. Sanctuary part II - Death 03:18
17. Sanctuary part III - Acceptation 02:43
Total playing time 57:50

Bonus track for Japan:
18. Norse Legends Come To Life (Remake of "When Legends Come to Life" on their first album in a somewhat different style, and with the new singer of course)

Bonus Track from their Website:
19. Dark Mass

Download pt 1
Download pt 2
(If anyone is wondering why the duplicate post, there was something wrong with the link i posted before so i figured I'd upload it myself and write a full entry. Enjoy! :D)

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