Friday, September 11, 2009

Mythology - Tepes (2009) (Mythology (US) - Tepes)

Genre: True Raw Epic Black Metal
About: I found out about these guys randomly, one of them was at Summer Slaughter 3 handing out demos. I am glad I had that chance encounter, because this is a really unique band, and that demo is on here as well if you click the Mythology tag at the bottom. That album was more like blackened death metal, or i prefer the term deathened black metal... but this one is pretty much pure black.

Anyway, This band has shown that they are ready to play with the big boys with this demo. It is raw, brutal, while at the same time there are beautiful melodies. It concludes with the epic 9 minute track "The Dragon's Fall". It's technically a demo, but it's 47 minutes long. The production is just raw enough for this type of music. Even if the production was perfect and clear, the music would still be raw. This is so raw it is bleeding. I doubt you will find anything this raw in 2009 or the future, unless perhaps you eat a cow while it's still alive (see tag on bottom). Oh, and an excerpt from Monty Python is used, pretty kvlt. Anyway, why are you still reading this when you could have had it downloaded already?


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