Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mythology (US) - An Infernal Grave (EP) (2008) (v0 mp3)

Genre: Blackened Death Metal with hints of Thrash Metal, indie pop grindcore, and inverted jazz. (side-note: last two genres may be made-up)
About: I was at Summer Slaugher 3 in upstate NY and some guy was walking around handing CD's. Little did I know it was this amazing Black/Death Metal band from Plattsburgh. This is a promotional CD from 2008, with re-recorded demo songs. Apparently only 100 copies were ever produced. I am proud to have one of them. They also have a full length and a Split, and a new EP in 2009 (click artist tag at bottom). More information, including a 95% review for this EP:


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