Friday, April 4, 2008

Stephen Colbert - Special live appearance at the University at Buffalo!

Artist: Stephen Colbert
Album: Live at University at Buffalo
Year: 2008 (04-04-08)
Genre: Comedy

Stephen Colbert

"The last time I was performing for an audience anywhere near this size, the president was sitting about that far away" *gestures to Sign Language Translator* "You're not the president? Well he was just as silent as you are now!".

He was referring to, if you remember (if not, youtube it), he seemingly made a fool of himself and the president in this presidential dinner in 2006. In this event, he addresses that, the presidential elections 2008, and many other things, including an on-the-spot Q and A! He starts speaking at approximately 7:15 into the recording, after a speaker introduction.

Download, or else you are a communist and Stephen will hunt you down in your sleep.

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