Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ronnie James Dio's rare early works! (1958 - 1965, 1974)


Artist: Various (See below)
Album: Various (See below)
Year: 1958-1974 (See below)
Genre: Classic Rock, Rock

Ronnie And The Red Caps - An Angel Is Missing (1958)
Ronnie And The Red Caps - Lover/Conquest (1960)
Ronnie Dio And The Prophets - Dio at Domino's (1963)
Ronnie Dio And The Prophets - Ronnie Dio and the Prophets (Various Releases and Singles, 1960-1965)
Roger Glover - The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast (Only two tracks w/ Dio, 1974)

This is all his pre-Dio, Pre-Black Sabbath, Pre-Rainbow, Pre-Elf, Pre-The Elves, Pre-The Electric Elves songs. :)
I thought these albums should be freely available since they would be nearly, if not completely, impossible to get your hands on the physical media.


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