Monday, June 21, 2010

Suicide Solution, Vol. 2

Genre: Depressive Suicidal Black Metal + closely related genres.
Quality: 192-320kbps mp3.
About: In these past 10 months since I made Vol. 1, I've found I'd only scratched the surface of what is actually a very deep and varied genre. I want to let the world know that, while I discover it for myself. There are countless clone bands: Fast blast beats, screaming nonsense, no melody, sounds like it was recorded with a tape recorder from a dollar store on the other side of a brick wall........ That is what this collection aims to avoid.

I wanted a collection of unique yet similar sounds and ideas, with a production value that can at least be appreciated and doesn't hamper enjoyment of each song. I personally believe I did a pretty good job. I also kept it limited to 74 minutes, the standard for a CD. (Especially hard since songs of this genre tend to be so long!). I also created a cover which will be used for all future entries in this series.

I hope you will find as much enjoyment out of these songs as I do.

1. Lantlôs - These Nights Were Ours (Kind of obsessed with this song and I think its a good playlist opener. My #1 song of 2010 and I don't see how anything can top it.)

2. Happy Days - Don't Go (Really emotional song ending in what sounds like a wolf howl. Just chilling. Since I stupidly used their cover for Vol. 1 I figured I should put them in here.)

3. Apati - Sömnlösa Nätter (Just found this "black rock" band and instantly love them. Apparently their new album that just came out is even better.)

4. Monarque - La Vallée Des Larmes (This is what I was talking about when I said "unique" sounds.)

5. Mortuus Infradaemoni - Mortuus Et Prodeunt Infradaemoni (Raw yet clear song and I just love the riff. You'll know which one I'm talking about. Not technically "depressive" but come on, it is. So underrated I had to put them on here.)

6. Silencer - Taklamakan
(No idea what this song is about, but it just gets into this awesome jam part where you want to bang your head.)

7. Shining - Krossade Drömmar Och Brutna Löften (I won't argue if you say they're overrated, but this is a heartfelt completely acoustic guitar track that's melancholic and sad and a great interlude.)

8. Walknut - Come, Dreadful Ygg (Another unique band I just found and need to devote more time to.)

9. All the Cold - Coldly to Heart (Essentially the last song of the "Children of Failure" split, one of the few albums to seriously make me feel like crying as the songs are so emotional. It just keeps beating you down harder, you need to get it if you don't have it.)

10. Austere - To fade with the Dusk (This band split up recently but with this song you can hear how amazing they were. Really the classic DSBM sound but they do it so perfectly and clearly.)

11. Sad Legend - The Reaper's Song
(From the newest album, it seems like something is missing but that only makes me like it a little more, I think.)

Runtime: 72:42

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DaRkStAr said...

off :/

Anonymous said...

Think you have good taste in music (or, same taste as me at least ;)). Have heard some of them ,but not all. Going to give it a listen. Thanks.
This is the way "sharing" is supposed to be used. Hope I find some more "soon to be in my collection".

hurricane_mario said...

Thanks for leaving your info so we can connect and I can look at your taste Anon... /sigh

Kodanshi said...

Thank you. Hadn’t heard all of those bands, so it’s a great heads up. Plus I love the fact you’re showing that DBM isn’t a monolithic and ‘samey’ genre.

Eric said...

Thanks and you're welcome! Mediafire has been taking down some more well-known stuff such as Burzum and Dimmu Borgir (even if it's imbedded within a playlist in a .rar file, which kind of creeps me out).

But I will not back down. This will just keep me promoting the underground even more! I believe unknown artists NEED websites such as mine to help spread their music and gain new fans! And to re-iterate, fans BUY music for the rest of an artist's lifespan.

Fight internet censorship!


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