Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mägo de Oz - Gaia III: Atlantia (2010) (v0 mp3)

Genre: Epic Symphonic Folk Power Metal / Folk Rock
Quality: mp3 @ v0 (224kbps VBR)
About: While not quite up to par with their epic masterpiece "Gaia II: La Voz Dormida" this is an amazing album. This album quite simply has everything, while still feeling like a unified album. There are somber and slow parts, there are epic power metal songs with flutes in the background, synthesizer solos, there are Folk Rock songs. The song that particularly stood out for me though was "El Violín Del Diablo" featuring Patricia Tapia (Nexx, KHY) on vocals. It's a haunting song, much different from their usual happy partying and dancing style.

Here's a videoclip of their single illustrating that haunting feeling a couple songs have... but then they say screw it and start drinking and partying again XD.


Kutxi Romero (Marea) - Vocals in "Vodka'n Roll"
Carlos Escobedo (Savia, Sôber) - Vocals in "El Príncipe de la Dulce Pena IV"
Jorge Salán - Guitar Solos in "Mi Hogar Eres Tú"
Francis Sarabia (Campillo) - Vocals in "La Ira de Gaia" and "Atlantia"
Natalia Martín - Chorus in "Atlantia"
Tony Menguiano - Vocals in "Atlantia"
Tete Novoa - Vocals in "Atlantia"
Silverio "Silver" Solórzano - Vocals in "Atlantia"
Javier Díez - (Ebony Ark, Jorge Salan, Wayland) Keyboards solo in "Atlantia"
Leo Jiménez "La Bestia" (Saratoga, 037, Stravaganzza, Supra) - Vocals in

Track List:
Disc 1
1.El latido de Gaia04:07
2.Dies irae09:26
3.Für immer04:42
4.Vodka 'n' Roll03:36
5.El Príncipe de la Dulce Pena (parte IV)04:23
6.Mi hogar eres tú06:03
7.Fuerza y honor: el Dorado (instrumental)04:48
8.El Violín del Diablo04:55
9.Siempre (Adiós Dulcinea - parte II)04:45
Disc 2
1.Mis demonios (atrévete a vivir)04:13
2.Que el viento sople a tu favor04:16
3.Sueños dormidos05:16
4.Aún amanece gratis04:52
5.La Soga del Muerto (Ayahuasca)03:14
6.La ira de Gaia06:48
Total playing time01:34:38

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Anonymous said...

Mago de Oz nos parece Genial
Te dejo para que escuches nuestra banda JKDC a ver que te parece.


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