Friday, February 26, 2010

Ninja Magic - Discography 2007

Genre: True Epic Power Ninja Metal
About: Obviously inspired by the pre-Dragonforce project "Shadow Warriors" (which I have on this blog), this is the only active Ninja Metal band I know about. Well, I'm not sure if they are active, last I heard they were looking for a new vocalist. I would really like a new album though. The first two albums are about typical ninja themes, and the third one is a dramatic shift in themes with the same type of music. Highly recommended. But if you were a ninja you wouldn't be still reading this because you'd have downloaded it and are listening already.

Ninja Magic - Ninja Nation (2004)
Ninja Magic - Catchy as Ninja, Chatcy as the Night (2005)
Ninja Magic - Back in Business (2007)

Mediafire Download - Zip
Mediafire Download - Rar
(Files acquired legally from when the band had an official website up, and offered the music for free... if my memory serves me.)


Rush said...

I fuckin' love you, I couldn't find my files :)

hurricane_mario said...

no homo? lol np

sg1 said...

Thank you!!!

Terry Yaki said...

More ninja songs will be available before christmas 2011, stay tuned to spotify/amazon/itunes!

Eric said...

That is good news! Remind me on here if you can...


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