Saturday, December 19, 2009

EQXClusives (25 Years 1984-2009) (Live alternative/indie rock compilation)


Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
About: This is a compilation by a local radio station, 102.7 WEQX, released for free (at local bars) for a 25th anniversary. I don't even like indie rock in general, but I like these. Some are local bands, some are international phenomenons. The latter includes (ones i have heard of before) Bell X1, Ludo, They Might Be Giants, OK Go, World Party, Metric, Eric Hutchinson, etc. They are live, but most of them have no audience sounds and are recorded so well they sound like studio. I actually saw track 19 performed live back in September, also for free. Free stuff is nice. So here you go! :D

(Apologies, I think there's something wrong with my particular CD... about 2:45 in track 18, the ripping slowed to a crawl there, and the actual ripped audio file has a very small skip. I may try again using the EAC program in the future but I doubt it'd be any better. Just another reason I do not like CDs...)

Mediafire Download - part 1
Mediafire Download - part 2

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