Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Austere (Aus) - Only the Wind Remembers / Ending the Circle of Life (2008) (Austere/Lyrinx Split)

Genre: Depressive-Suicidal Black Metal
About: The original split was a tape, but both bands re-released their parts of this split as EP's in 2009 on CD, and thats what these files are from. Austere has a fairly driving beat, and high pitched screams, whereas Lyrinx has a bit mellower, slower beat (almost doom metal-like at parts) with rougher screams. It is a 4 song album, but each song averages about 15 minutes, so it is an hour of screaming DSBM glory.

Austere (Aus)
1. Towards the Great Unknown 11:34
2. Only the Wind Remembers 13:24
3. No Failure in Suicide 16:15
4. Isolation 18:42
Total playing time 59:55

Mediafire Download - part 1
Mediafire Download - part 2

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