Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pagan Reign - Discography (with correct English tags)

Genre: Pagan Folk Black Metal
About: Pagan Reign (Rus) is proof that good music is made in russia. This is just enthralling pagan metal. Similar to most other pagan metal, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, etc, but with a unique touch. The first album sounds rather demo-ey and crude (though with good recording), but by the later albums they found a really great atmosphere for themselves... then broke up D:< ... Anyway, If you get this anywhere else it'll probably be weird non-existant characters like "Đŕäĺăŕńň" or Russian, so enjoy :)... With the exception of the EP is in Russian, I can't find the translations.

Pagan Reign (Rus) - Ancient Warriors - Full-length, 2001
(Re-uploaded in one part - 05/12/2012)
Mediafire Download

Pagan Reign (Rus) - Otbleski Slavi I Vozrozhdenie Bilog Velichiya (Spark of Glory and Revival of Ancient Greatness) - Full-length, 2003
Mediafire Download

Pagan Reign (Rus) - Ydeli Biloy Veri (The Fate Of The Old Faith) - Full-length, 2004
(Re-uploaded in one part - 05/12/2012)
Mediafire Download

Pagan Reign (Rus) - Vo Vremena Bylin - EP, 2005
Mediafire Download

Pagan Reign (Rus) - Tverd - Ancient Fortress - Full-length, 2006
Mediafire Download - part 1
Mediafire Download - part 2


Anonymous said...

thank you SO much for posting all this! Pagan Reign CDs are becoming hard to get a hold of sadly..

Anonymous said...

In Ydeli Biloy Veri, tracks 2 and 8 are corrupt :(

Anderson steelironmaiden said...

i wanna download the cd ''ancient warriors'' of pagan reign..the link of part 2 is broken. if you can help me,thanks. \m/

Eric said...

Sorry about the delayed response, but upon seeing how popular my blog still is (48 views just today!), it has given me new inspiration to keep updating with new posts, and fix all the dead links from either back in 2009-ish when mediafire was breaking files, or the rare instances when something is mainstream enough to be taken down.

Wow, that was a long sentence.

Necrocowboy said...

Your links are broken. I'd like to listen that EP. I don't care if it's not 'with correct English tags' (lol) and I don't care if your blog got 40 something likes in a day - I thought file sharing was all about the music.


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