Friday, September 4, 2009

Mars Electric - Beautiful Something (2000)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Melodic Rock
About: The number of people that listen to this band is a crime. You should be arrested if you have never listened to this album. I found it through an Alternative Times compilation, and it was love at first sight (listen). They have these beautiful melodic ballads, and also these perfect alternative rocking songs. The singer is soothing yet powerful. 1,000 listeners in the entire world on What the hell is wrong with people? I'm going to submit this to rolling stone if possible, because it deserves to be mainstream as fuck. I hate that magazine with a passion, but it has such a great sphere of influence that drives/defines what is "mainstream".

My two favorites are Someday and Feels Like June, but the whole album is great. "Someday" just runs through the back of my head at this point, it's just one of the most solid songs I have ever heard, of any genre. They were dropped from the label which ultimately caused them to break up. I cannot describe in words how much i hate labels, because they are the reason my two favorite bands, Angra and Rhapsody of Fire are not releasing more albums. I started supporting Radiohead even though i used to hate them because they released an album on their website with a "pay what you think it is worth." I wish every band did that. They recorded one more album before they broke up, and i will likely have that up this evening. After the break up, the singer formed "Lynam", which is equally unknown and I will find it and put that on here too.

Anyway, download this NOW!!!11111111


Reviews (4.5 on Amazon (from the only 24 people who have ever listened to this album, lol))

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