Thursday, August 20, 2009

Like A Storm - Chemical Infatuation (2009) (Single) (256kbps)

(Click above image to buy (from Amazon, because iTunes may have finally gone DRM-free back in March but they still essentially have a monopoly on the digital music industry. (However, their free music player is nice. (However again, ipods and related products have always and will always suck. (And macs are overrated as sh*t (and all apple products are overpriced like mad; you can build your own pc for half the price of the same performance Mac))))))

(Click above image for their official Myspace)

Genre: Hard/Heavy/Alternative Rock/Metal (seriously these genres just blend together by now)
About: This is alt rock done right. From New Zealand but now residing in Vancouver. I had the good fortune of seeing them live on the Creed Reunion Tour this summer. Their full album "The End of the Beginning" is coming 'soon' and I've messaged them about an exact date which i will write here if i get one. I cannot wait.

"HD" Music Video:

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