Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr. Big - Reunion Tour Live! (2009) (2009/06/17 Hiroshima, Japan (Bootleg))


& Now:

Genre: Rock (classic/hard/hair rock)
About: The (imho) best American Rock band of all time are back with a vengeance. In Japan. lol. American watered down music tastes cannot handle this band's prowess, so they instead became popular in japan. Hopefully they will have a US tour as well, because I will drive 200 miles to see them if necessary. Anyway...

The quality is absolutely amazing, and thanks goes to the bootlegger! This was converted from FLAC lossless to V0 mp3 using foobar and lame 3.98, so it has a minimal amount of lost data, but the size was cut about 400%, and it will play in all music programs/players. I put correct id3 tags on all the files.

This setlist is amazing as well... except, nothing from "Actual Size" (my personal favorite) because Ritchie Koetzen was guitar in the band for that album instead of Paul Gilbert. Instead, there are a lot of older classics, a lot of jams, covers and unexpected things.

Mr. Big is:
Eric Martin (vocals)
Paul Gilbert (guitar)
Billy Sheehan (bass)
Pat Torpey (drums)

Set list: (For convenience, * indicates cover song, ** indicates solo, etc)

Disc 1
1.Opening **
2.Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
3.Take Cover
4.Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
5.Alive And Kickin'
6.Next Time Around
7.Hold Your Head Up *
8.Just Take My Heart
10.It's For You - The Planets Op.32: Mars (Billy, Paul, Pat) *
11.Pat Torpey Solo (Inc: The Long And Winding Road) *
12.Price You Gotta Pay
13.Stay Together *

Disc 2
1.Wild World (Acoustic) *
2.Goin' Where The Wind Blows (Acoustic)
3.Take A Walk (Acoustic - Electric)
4.Paul Gilbert Solo **
5.Inst. (Billy + Paul) **
6.The Whole World's Gonna Know
7.Promise Her The Moon
8.Rock & Roll Over
9.Billy Sheehan Solo **
10.Addicted To That Rush
11.To Be With You
12.Colorado Bulldog
13.Smoke On The Water *
14.I Love You Japan **
15.Baba O'riley *

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