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Epidemia (Rus) - Complete Discography with Correct English Tags! (1995-2009)

Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Metal Opera
About: This is the self-proclaimed "Best Power Metal band in Russia". Well, they're probably the only one. Even if they aren't, they're still amazing. They had a Demo, an EP, and 5 full lengths followed by a new EP from 2009. Most songs are in russian, but a few are in english. However the lyrics doesn't matter because the music is amazing! Even the demo is extremely high quality and well played. Some of the older songs include Tolkien and Lord of the Rings themes - "Frodo", "Ring Of Absolute Power", etc.

The two albums "Elven Manuscript" and "Elven Manuscript: Saga For All Times" are Metal Operas with many guest musicians, similar to the bands Aina, Avantasia, Missa Mercuria, and Queensrÿche. If you like any of those, don't miss out on these two albums! And if you like Heavy/Power Metal in general, all of these albums are must-listens.

It took hours to download these all on rapidshare ("rapidshit") and then fix all the tags, based on the track listings on the official english myspace, so I hope you enjoy it! They are all in 192+ kbps mp3 (including the demo), with 3 of them at 320kbps mp3.

If you download these albums anywhere else on the web, not only will it take forever, but you will have to go through the same tagging nightmare I did. Most of the titles were non existant characters (for example "Æèçíü â Ñóìåðêàõ").

Anyway, Enjoy!

Official Myspace

Download Epidemia Discography: Folder on Mediafire (Not sure if this works... can someone let me know?... If it doesn't work, individual links are below.)

Track Lists and Individual Mediafire Download Links:

Epidemia - Angel Of Twilight (EP) (2009) 

01. The Last Sunrise 
02. Angel Of Twilight 
03. Pass Your Way (orchestral version) 
04. Pass Your Way (instrumental version)

Epidemia - Elven Manuscript: Saga For All Times (2007) 
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01. Prologue 
02. Star Portal 
03. Kings Of Mountains 
04. First God Confession 
05. Snow Saga 
06. Threads Of Destiny 
07. Without Heart And Soul 
08. Ocean Of The Void 
09. Fire Saga 
10. Dragon's Island 
11. Saga For All Times 
12. Sunlight 
13. Into The Sky 
14. Requeim (Grieving Of Her...)(Digibook Bonus)

Epidemia - Livin' In Twilight (2005) 
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01. Gates Of Time 
02. Coins Chime 
03. On The Edge Of Time 
04. Black Magician 
05. Will To Live 
06. Feanor 
07. White Falcon 
08. To Be With You Again 
09. Ring Of Absolute Power 
10. New Day 
11. Livin' In Twilight 
12. Welcome To Twilight (Bonus Hidden Track)

Epidemia - Elven Manuscript (2004) 
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01. Golden Dragons 
02. Trial Hour 
03. Born To Fight 
04. Pass Your Way 
05. Elven Blood 
06. On The Hell's Threshold 
07. Eternal Warrior 
08. Romance Of Tear 
09. Magic And Sword 
10. Splinters Of The Past 
11. Epilogue 
12. Ice Horseman (Bonustrack)

Epidemia - The Quest Of The Magic Land (2001) 
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01. Black Magician 
02. The Journey Beyond Three Seas 
03. Idol 
04. Feanor 
05. Fairyland Mystery 
06. Leaving Magic Land 
07. Fairy Of My Dreams 
08. I Prayed On You 
09. Livin' In Twilight

Epidemia - On The Edge Of Time (1999) 
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01. Gates Of Time 
02. Coins Chime 
03. To The Light 
04. Faith 
05. White Falcon 
06. N.A.S.T.Y.A. 
07. Less Of Us 
08. In Unknown Land 
09. Ring Of Absolute Power 
10. Frodo 
11. On The Edge Of Time 
12. Kingdome Of Tears 
13. Dragonheart 
14. Farewell, My Home

Epidemia - Will To Live (EP) (1998) 

01. Will To Live 
02. To Be With You Again 
03. The Ring Of Absolute Power 
04. Shadow Of Love 
05. New Day

Epidemia - Phoenix (Demo) (1995)

1. New Day
2. I Charmed by Eyelashes 
3. Come Back
4. Phoenix
5. Devil's Dream
6. Less Than Us


Anonymous said...

You can't download the whole folder on MediaFire unless you have a MediaPro account, but in that folder you can download each individual file like you normally do on MediaFire.
But anyway thanks for the links, I have been looking for English translations of Epidemia songs for hours!

Anonymous said...

I love this band, russian metal is better than american and british metal.
Aria is also very good, goodbye, thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

wow , i lke this band is amazing, the play very well, thaks for uploaduing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting in all the tagging effort. I used to have their whole discog correctly tagged but had to reformat my HD =\ Russian metal is indeed the shit. I'd also recommend Gran-Kurazh, or Butterfly Temple (If you're into a darker sound)

Eric said...

Will check those out. Thanks for the comments anon's. Glad my effort was not wasted!

Anonymous said...

could you please reupload living in twilight? the link is dead at least part1 thanks


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