Sunday, March 1, 2009

HeimatAerde (Discography 2008) - COMPLETE

Genre: Electronic body music, Dark Electro, Industrial, Medieval, Techno
About: This is quite simply the most unique band I have ever heard. Whether you like Techno, Death Metal, or Pop, this will appeal to you.**

The lyrics are all in German but who cares, the music is awesome. They also have medieval themes, less prevalent than in their older albums but it can be heard in their latest full-length too, such as at the beginning of "Vater" and at the end of their self-titled track. Here are some loosly-translated lyrics from that track:

"The life of light, I am full of pain
It rips out my heart bleed

The wind, he says, it is now
The body is resting in my arm
Steam rises up, it is still warm
You stay with me, I tear out"

**= Strongly recommended that you do the robot while listening

And here is some information about the genres:
Electronic body music (mainly known by its acronym EBM) is a music genre that combines elements of industrial music and electronic punk music. Dark Electro originally included horror soundscapes, and grunts or distorted vocals. Industrial uses an “industrial” aesthetic such as imagery devised around mechanical objects and industry itself.

Here is the band's official "biography":

HeimatAerde - Ich Hab Die Nacht Getraeumet (CDM)(2004)

HeimatAerde - Gotteskrieger (2005)

HeimatAerde - Kadavergehorsam (2006)

HeimatAerde - Unter Der Linden (CDM)(2006)

HeimatAerde - Leben Geben Leben Nehmen (2007)

HeimatAerde - Vater (CDM)(2008)

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