Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad Legend - Searching for the Hope in Utter Darkness (EP) (2001)

Genre: black metal, melodic black metal
About: "Sad Legend's album was very different from this. It was mid-paced melodic black metal with that contained a unique mix of high clean vocals and harsh vocals. This album still contains that mix of vocals, but the music is very, very different. It's still mid-paced, but the riffs feel are a lot more simple, but that's not a bad thing at all. It still contains that huge melancholy feeling, which I totally admire.

The first song is the one that sounds more like older Sad Legend. Slower Melancholic parts mixed with high and low clean male vocals, and with simplistic keyboards on top. Not too outstanding, and also lacks a bit feeling. The second song is way better, it feels like a transformation from old to new. The riffs are excellent, yet always remaining very simple, and the feeling is huge, as usual. The only problem is that it's just NOT heavy at all... the first minute is just ocean/seashore effects, and the rest is just clean vocals with a few riffs. As a whole it could've used more harsh vocals and heavier riffage.

The finale song is awesome, and heavier. It has the unique mix of harsh and clean vocals, and the riffs are way faster, and better. If you liked older Sad Legend you'll probably like this song a lot.

Overall.... a big change, yes, but still incredibly amazing, and hopefully the next release will sound as good.... if there is one."

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