Saturday, September 6, 2008

Drudkh - Anti-Urban (CORRECT Vinyl Rip!!!)

Genre: Melodic Black Metal, elements of Folk Metal
About: This is a fantastic EP. Drudkh means "Tree" in romanized Sanskrit

I searched for hours to find this. The common version floating around is a rip at the WRONG SPEED causing the length to be 9 minutes for each track instead of 6. Furthermore if you play it with itunes it skips at 2:50 minutes causing it to move to the next track, then that one skips too at 2:50!

If you look on Metal Archives you will see the 6 minute tracks are the correct length. Please spread this around and tell the people with the wrong version to delete it. I'd say buy it, but you literally can't buy it since it was limited to 999 copies. Enjoy!

Thanks goes to "nidhogg" for this correct vinyl rip!

Year: 2007

(Edit 07/2009- there is a CD available with the bonus box of Microcosmos. The CD rip sounds almost exactly the same as this though.)

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Velkaarn said...

Thanks, this is a useful post! I always did think that sounded a little funny... now I know why.


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