Friday, May 16, 2008

Alestorm - Heavy Metal Pirates (Single)

Genre: Pirate Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal
About: A remake of my favorite song from when they were still called "Battleheart". (They changed their name because it sounded too similar to Battlelore). Best lyrics ever?

"Sailing the seven seas of metal
We thirst for blood, your ship is in our sights
Taste a broadside from our cannons of steel
Before our cutlasses of metal you shall kneel

We are Heavy Metal Pirates
We sail across the sky
In our battleships of cosmic steel
We're the terror up on high
We are Heavy Metal Pirates
Our cutlasses are true
So give us all your treasure
Or soon we'll come for you

The wind is in our sails, and fate is on our side
So raise the Jolly Roger and sail into the night
We're warriors of steel upon the Spanish Main
No quarter for the poseurs, we'll bring 'em death and pain"

Year: 2008

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